Friday 19.10.2018

PINK & WHITE competition Nails  Gel  2 hands 150min

  Registration of Participants
13.45   Start of the competition
16.15   End of the competition
16.15-17.00 Jury Assessment  

Saturday 20.10.2018

Gel Polish Manicure 45 min 2 hands

   Registration of Participants
8.45     Start of the competition
9.30      End of the competition
9.30  -10.15 Jury Assessment  

Salon Nails ACRYLIC and GEL 75 min 1 hand

Registration of Participants
11.45 Start of the competition
13.00  End of the competition
13.00  -13.45 Jury Assessment

Stiletto Design 1 hand 120min

13.45-14.15   Registration of Participants
14.15   Start of the competition
16.15   End of the competition
16.15-17.00  Jury Assessment          

Sunday 21.10.2018

PINK & WHITE competition Nails  ACRYLIC  2 hands 150min

9:00-9.30  Registration of Participants
9.45       Start of the competition
12.15     End of the competition
12.15-13.00 Jury Assessment  

Tips Box Mix Media theme: “Wedding ”

Jury Assessment
Jewelry Nails, theme: “Wedding Nail Art” 1 hand 45 min.

Registration of Participants
14.45 Start of the competition
15.30 End of the competition
15.30-16.00 Jury Assessment        

17.00 Award Ceremony

IMPORTANT NOTES: Salon Nails ACRYLIC and GEL will be judged together. There will be only one price ! Tips Box Mix Media must be delivered at Greighallen  in Bergen at 12.00 the 21th of October 2018 . If you can`t deliver it in person please send it to Nails for You , Kong Oscars gate 45 , 5017 Bergen before the 19th of October. If there it less than 4 participants in one category this category will be cancelled or joined together with the other category  for example *Competition nails Acrylic and Competition nail Gel in one.

All international competitors are WELLCOME !
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